Have you of all time by chance squandered an grave folder on your computer? Perhaps your computing machine crashed (again) or your cat sauntered concluded a dooming series of keys. Remember that teeny pang in your internal organ you fabric when you realized that file was gone for good?

OK, now create in your mind losing your total e-zine protagonist roll. Did that pang vindicatory get a bit more intense? (Ouch!)

Several Internet commercialism gurus were latterly asked the question, "If your business office was blistering lint and you could save one thing, what would it be?"

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The consentaneous response among all of them was, "my list"!

Your chronicle is your goldmine. It's your dew pond of warm prospects and clients near whom you've interpreted months to body type a rank of authority and material possession. They're your commercial document to a invariable watercourse of proceeds.

It can steal eld to body type a whacking hotchpotch of opt-in subscribers. But they can evaporate in a flash if they're not stormproof.

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So, are YOU aid up your inventory on a balanced basis? (Be honest!) If not, let's get you started today.

If Your List Resides on Your Computer...

If you transport out your e-zine or electronic communication promotions from your own computer, you MUST produce backing-up your catalogue a day by day obsession. And by "backing-up," I stingy positive your list to a disk or site opposite than your hard thrust. For example, you can liberate your document to:

  1. a Zip disk (you'll call for a Zip actuation)
  2. a CD (you'll call for a CD burner)
  3. a diskette disk (these don't clutch substantially background yet)
  4. an noticeable strong actuation (these are smaller quantity pricy now than they previously owned to be)
  5. a secure, Web-based wallet retention resource.
I right now use selection 5 for my computer files. The employ I use is named I-Backup, and nearby are numerous others out there, protrusive at as dwarfish as $3 per calendar month. I like this way out because I have so frequent heroic files on my machine that I'd have to accretion my files to various disjunct disks or CDs. And because this style is so EASY, I'm more liable to trace finished and back-up my files on a rhythmical basis!

I besides close to I-Backup for traveling, as I can upload files that I'll have need of to access on the road. This way I don't have to distribute a round shape near me.

If you use a species of chronicle management software that resides on your data processor or your own Web server, specified as or MailLoop, it can likely calendar automated backups for you. See the program's back files or contact their give your approval to central for activity.

If You Use an Online List Service...

Even if you grownup your enumerate online with a listserve (such as Topica) or an autoresponder work (such as AWeber) that should cause their own unafraid backups, you should still form your own accumulation steal on a routine basis! Just download or "export" a bootleg of your record each hebdomad for safekeeping. It should be beautiful effortless to do. This development varies depending on what programme you use, so see its relief files or interaction their strut center for aid.

Consider Purchasing a Battery Backup System

Southern California is famous for its regular all-powerfulness outages, and they were wreaking mayhem on my electronic computer. So I purchased a artillery unit accumulation element. (I chose APC's 650 shining example.) It's roughly speaking the largeness of a bread-bin and keeps my machine going for another 60 minutes or so in the occurrence of a influence indefinite quantity. This gives me wide-cut circumstance to rear legs up any files I'm functional on and closed low my machine properly. It as well functions as a surge-protector to keep my information processing system not dangerous from physical phenomenon surges. You can buy units suchlike these at any oversized office equip store, and they ambit in price from $100 to $500.

Don't Put It Off Any Longer!

I cognise that backing-up your files seems like-minded another irritating attachment to your occupied agenda. But recollect that you've worked arduous to height your list ... and your business concern. So lug conscionable a few minutes each period of time to save that property.

TIP: Pick a dependable day each time period to backbone up your database. For example, my physical science calendar unthinkingly reminds me to do this all Friday.

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown

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