Greedy and utmost needy

This is the sad and confident reality

Of woman intended monetarily

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Focusing on monetary system entirely

Disregarding the whist of humanity

The poor, struggling, and needy

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Trying to get yours speedily

Running overladen coerce done everybody

In path to your ad hominem destiny

It's clip to sort a new discovery

Life is sweeter and more fulfilling

When you contain others in your journey

Greedily acquiring and just accumulating

Is never decent and e'er aggravating

As you wish to self-actualize and realize

Your engorged power, purpose, and potential

But ne'er full out of bed to existence hopeful

Have prospect for yourself and others

Never price reduction sisters and brothers

We're all children in God's kind-hearted family

Therefore why should you disdain me

As you movement downstairs the thoroughfare of prosperity

Pushing, ploughing, and shoving through

Disgruntled and self-centred in all you do

Mesmerized altogether by what you do,

But richly precarious around your who

Your identity's exigency heavy in you

Personhood should be prioritized

Others should not be demonized

For when you despise others

You turn out to disgust yourself

If you can't love you

How can you fondness someone else?

Life is not all almost you!

Moreover glory requires relatives too

As you clutch others in what you do

Develop a daydream squad to activity you

Strengthen and below arm you

Celebrate your victories near you

Solve problems merrily with you

You see even when it's all just about you

Amusingly it's really and genuinely ne'er so

Because you need others to abet you grow

This is a key legitimacy you must larn and know

Lest your natural life be no more than a vain, laughable show

Pathetic and arty-crafty short monetary flow

Full of eternal struggle because of selfishness

Living alone and for self unsocial is ne'er bliss

I commune you cognize and wide-awake to this

The ravenous are truly and usually

Most impoverished, destitute, and needy

As they rush done being accumulating shove hurriedly

They ne'er be to relish it and others fully

This is the honest caustic remark of self pitifully selfish.

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