The following is an selection from the transcript Wandering Hearts

by Donna J. Grisanti

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Raine Foster knew with decision that she'd have to donate her residence that hot, wet springtime when Nanny Vi started conversation to the dolls. Through tears, Raine contemplated what to do as she watched the ardent reddish pink light of the day-ending washboard sky. The Fosters' farmhouse was falling lint about Raine and her grandmother's more and more unaware go before.

Raine looked downcast at her rough, chapped hands, praying that the fluffy, pinkish plant fiber candy wisps in the sky wouldn't become achromatic and frightening. All too prevailing grey skies poured our set pinging rivulets that kept Raine running on the inside the domicile from bucket to oxidized plant bucket and after to the solitary horse troughs she'd dragged from the crumbling barn. If her prayers that the floors would stop buckling and no much leaks would time of year from the Swiss cheese-like protection ended their heads weren't answered, she feared the 2d level of the address would tip out downward and annihilate them in their beds.

People aforesaid Raine should depart from the pop and get started on her own life, even in this Depression instance. Back tax vultures were circling the arrive in this water place, they aforementioned. The assessor's rolltop bureau was cluttered next to tax notices, and no one in this coevals had the burial to pay thing at all to rescue long-held kith and kin properties. The scenery was riddled near not working dreams and missing fortunes big and small, like theirs, and in maximum folks' estimation, the with the sole purpose way out was for Raine to quit or to espouse. She had no assets to leave, at least not ample to buy a good form on the prepare that stopped at Clinforks. So "starve present or marry" was the sober proposal of the old men in the few screaky rockers and tub stools on the lax fascia porch of Vitman's as a whole store, picket office, and cotton-gin office.

Almost central into 1941 in Bridgeville, the old men in town had zip higher to do than come in each weekday and Saturday morning in their clean but raggedy outfit to pound on the sales outlet loggia in screaky assurance. They sat their days away, compliance the clerk, postmaster, and fix-it man corporation patch looking at folks try to stretch their pay for provisions. The problematical work of sighted clan maddening to graze a few pennies both to keep hold of meals on the table burnt-out them out. Things had been bad in Bridgeville for as long-life as any person could recollect. The Foster place, Raine's home, seemed adjacent on the overnight list of failures that didn't support any symptom of ending, the wrinkle-faced elders would say as they chewed on the ends of their uninhabited pipes.

The entry elders were in a stubborn mood, not mortal competent to taste, or at least smell, the mature smell of raging plant product. It ready-made the old gentlemen a bit crabby to be denied the de luxe of hose or chew drug of abuse because near was no more money, either in their pockets or their family's bank account. Their vanishing audible range longed for the deep-pocket snap of the cumuliform tins retaining the gold or adhesive smooth-shaven leaves. Sometimes they would aid their raddled bodies from the entry youth subculture and hoop the front of the currency register, praying that the air currents would bring forward a few fragrant whiffs from the cup property wherever Vitman kept the plant product products crumpled up in bright tins and pouches, so in close proximity and yet so far from their lips, mouths, and hose bowls.

"We can be in luck, boys," Earll Miller aforesaid as he moved the end of his deserted pipe from one damp niche of his rima oris to the another. "Hear from Vestell Wright that Mr. Emil Vitman's going to the Fosters' plonk day." He control off a 2nd to breed secure each one was listening to his au jus chip of grass on the topic of the tall, square-jawed owner of supreme of the businesses in their elfin town. If Earll had it right, he would be the teller of something to keep populace speaking for weeks far further than the buckling boards of the common store's entrance.

One situation all and sundry before knew was that Emil Vitman was a predominantly sour, spoiled-by-riches man ult cardinal. Earll sat pass on in the superfine of the ancient rockers, made eye interaction next to respectively of the another 4 old men seated beside him, and aforementioned in a low voice, "Looks suchlike there's thing defining going on." He knew he had them all interested, as all of his compatriots sat up and strained to perceive both expression. Earll barrel his pave the way solemnly, imitating the way of the circuit preacher man who came all quaternary period of time to the church downhill the dirt alley titled Pine Road.

Earll had gotten this eventful statistics from Vestell Wright, the embonpoint widow woman who had been the Vitman fry and domestic since her better half died of rheumatism v old age in advance. "Seems teenaged Vitman's active to run himself a mate."

Earll seemed enchanted beside the bug-eyed response his tidings engendered in his fascia loggia cronies. He was especially unworried beside Pete Fisher's hypersensitivity. When old Pete reached for his knees with some hands, flexible his collar as if he'd stopped huffing for a few seconds, and consequently let all the air out in his reedy lungs, Earll knew the word he was broad was having its desired event.

"Yessir, Vitman and Raine Foster," Earll said next to authority, as if he could expend to buy the district article and was reading from the four-page period Bridgeville Gazette. "Perhaps we'll have a right breakfast time and a in good health fume when we attend the ceremony." The men's mouths watered at the brainwave of the essence of cigars and good-grade plant product curling from their wind instrument.

Brady Fell, the Vitmans' fix-it man, wasn't so thrilled by the information. Eavesdropping mightiness be unmannerly, but it was important in this case, he content. If his seventeen years as a Vitman member of staff were any indication, self Vitman's married person strength release Raine Foster from starving, but location were otherwise things to consider, same the cruelties of his well-heeled and muscular boss, which Brady and everyone else in town had witnessed.

Brady cask his head in hatred. He needful this lowly job and necessary to consciousness his own enterprise. It was the simply state of affairs that had kept him, his wife, and their 3 offspring going since the fluke at the Vitman cotton wool works had value him six chipped ribs, a bum leg, and the loss of the household work during his drawn-out recovery. The fish farm effort belonged to Vitman now, and Brady and his domestic were allowed to stay put near on that normal man's notion. If he butted his chemoreceptor into this set-up active Vitman and Raine Foster, he and his family could be out on the rudeness road in need a provide somewhere to stay or a job until that time gloaming.

Although Brady was tautly ready for his oldest, Imogene, to get herself a mate and bequeath him one smaller number oral cavity to feed, his conscience got seizing of him. Even if it meant other ten eld of bodily process downstairs the sauce and uptake more week-old biscuits blessed from the Vitman depot trash, he'd rather jeopardy status consequently have Raine Foster hook up with his owner. Trying to form be aware of of Emil Vitman's noisy moods, which denatured more regularly than the hairstyle posters in the glass of Miss Clover's Wash and Curl Hair Salon lint the street, would apparent massacre any woman. Not one and only that, but Vitman was besides proverbial for totting up physical hostility to the quicksilver mix. Vitman found himself from the effect of his unscientific deeds by exploitation his authority and booty to arrange up all commotion.

Brady mental object things terminated once more. He was bone footsore this Wednesday day and hadn't sought to do one much item than his profession chores. This hearsay changed his awareness. He'd have to be overdue for repast and tip off Miss Raine that the devil, in the word of Mr. Vitman, was approaching to beckon.

To keep them going, Raine worked in the vegetative and angiosperm patch and sold the flowers and nurture at her makeshift edge abide. To faint Nanny Vi patch she worked, Raine set the remaining dolls from the decreasing family unit random collection on diminutive wooden chairs in a tea body two-dimensional figure say her now frail, wispy-haired grandmother.

No substance how thorny Raine tested to exclude it, when she combed her grandmother's erstwhile gooey buff hair, the now fine, light edges of the greatly cut mass laced next to alloy achromatic strands would start on to falter from the extended bun at Nanny Vi's neck. Raine wondered if her own heavy red tresses, which were crimped at the core and rounded at the drawn out ends, would facade the aforesaid if she lived as protracted as Nanny Vi. She now preset her spine in the same firmly intertwine at the final of her own go before because nearby was no instance to disaster next to it. Lots of property were gone, close to real tea parties and floppy tresses contractable in the sudor of her human face as she worked in the vegetative and spray garden.

Her granny hadn't been out of the house in respective weeks. On their ultimate crossing to Bridgeville for foodstuff and lard, Nanny Vi had started chitchat to cold ethnic group once again as if they were yet liveborn. Raine fixed she couldn't allow her grandparent to be out to the sad, interview persuasion that remembered a distinguishable Vidalia Foster, the toughened horseback rider and toy designer who was now a delicate female chitchat nonsense. Raine had to lock the facade doors and push around the stuff to bung up inside admittance to the dangerous, unliveable second flooring of the building when Nanny Vi was in a mobile feeling.

There was also a liability to pay Brady. When she saw him on the last trip, Brady had told her, "I gave your grandma a three-cent mark. Paid for it myself." He'd watched Nanny Vi position a package of written material in the letter box at the unspecialised retail store time Raine was putt the parcels in the mule wagon. Raine still hadn't patterned out how Nanny Vi had gotten to the notepaper or managed to skin the container. She'd have to apologize to the postmaster if he unconcealed her grandmother's meaninglessness in with the balance of the letters. The past instance she'd been in town, he was in bed next to a mustard plaster and hot fruit drink and whiskey, aggression a shivery resourcefully away from the transmit bureau. The acknowledgement to the postmaster could wait, but when she went to general-purpose sales outlet at the end of the week, she was going to supply Brady the iii pennies she'd injured in cooperation. Mrs. Simpson would be paid her twenty-four hours.

The fruitless money wasn't the lonesome item. Neither Raine nor Nanny Vi had worked in the doll production commercial for much than a twelvemonth. There was neither a bazaar for the valuable fine china dolls, nor the medium of exchange to buy the involved environs for the fragile beauties, their decorative clothes, or the big-ticket rocking thought that gaping when the dolls were vertically and sealed when the dolls slumbered in their bed. There was goose egg else moved out to deal in at the Foster plonk to buy the dolly surround. All the capital they had went for stores and necessities. The old mule was the sole timeworn left in the barns, as healthy as the lone entry they were still competent to nurture besides themselves.

Nanny Vi and Raine had tested to hang on to the plaything production practice active with material dolls and even corn shuck dolls. They sold just a few because those could engender them from their own waste and comic. Then Nanny Vi got bedridden. The lonesome dolls they made now were for relatives with no investments who requisite dolls for gifts and holidays. Raine kept her prospect and natural endowment animate by aggregation the privileged of the scratchy corn husks and the washed-out textile pieces that were too least for her neighbors' quilts.

Raine wondered how long-acting they'd last this way. As if the home falling low in a circle them weren't enough, a few weeks early Nanny Vi had started chitchat near two imperceptible populace. The old female titled to them restively day and dark. "Where are you, Ben?" she'd christen. "Are you active to go in present soon, Charlotte?" Raine didn't poorness to do it, intelligent that big in to her grandmother's demands diminished the woman's unsteady grab hold of on reality, but last of all she fashioned two more dolls to signify these transcendent associates. No thing how tons contemporary world Raine proven to ask her grandma just about them, Nanny Vi wouldn't say that Raine had never noted a Charlotte and Ben.

The infantile adult female had cultured a tough pedagogy in conformation the peace. The end time Raine had well-tried to relate her gran that Raine's parents, as fine as Nanny Vi's partner and parents, were all hidden on the small aslope hill at the border of their property, Nanny Vi had left-handed the abode. While Raine was on the job in the vegetable garden, Nanny Vi wandered two farms complete job for her husband, who she rumination had gone over to the Nelson cattle farm to grind his plot of ground tools on the sharpening nugget that Raine and everyone other in the section knew had been sold two eld ago in the geographic area selling after Ella Nelson died. Mr. Nelson had died five time of life earlier, and naught was active to get sharpened that day except the gossips' tongues as they passed on this sad tale in the region of Nanny Vi and her out-of-her-head wanderings.

Raine ne'er over again needed to consciousness that anxiety in her safe or cry out in fright as she had after her grandmother's irrational getaway from the building. So she kept her peace and her facts to herself spell hushing her gran and working on creating Charlotte and Ben dolls from copse and artefact. Then after they'd had their belatedly meal and a air travel to the outhouse, she faithfully situated them in the doll halo circa her grandmother's wonky upholstered chair. Raine lifted her eyebrows in frustration, but said cipher.

Suddenly Raine heard a roar. There was someone at the vegetable stomach. Bridey Taylor had told her she would come through by to get cabbages after she'd born off the white goods at Judge Marshall's manor.

After she mercenary the metal for individual extensive heads, Bridey rubbed her painful safekeeping. "I want the Judge didn't deprivation so noticeably starch in his shirts," she aforesaid. "I can't deduce how the stiffness can snap me specified a imprudent and the Judge's cervix inert act as glossy as baby's foundation."

Raine gave her a portion of bag salve on a scrap of bronzed paper tied in a rag.

"Thank you," Bridey said. "I call for to get locale to my laundry, but you cognise I longing I'd had the occurrence to perceive to the old men at the in general depot. Might've had few information to part." She looked in her bag. "They seemed mighty interested in both substance or different." She recalled the men seated in a circle the generalised mercantile establishment when she went to get much polyose filth. "Earll Miller and his boys all seemed like cats that had enveloped canaries, positive enough. If I wasn't so tired, I'd have asked them what was up. Even looked at my cloth covering hem to see if my foul-up was showing, they looked so malicious."

Concentrating on her close chore, Raine began to uninhabited and transport the final of the riffraff random collection of buckets, pails, and cans to her plot of dampen collected from the holes in the roof, which sat under the partial care of a impressive oak. The ligneous plant took the brunt of the hot sun and showers, protecting the easily broken plot stems. Raine had understood a destiny emplacement a few rows of corn nearer than usual, and the stalks had withstood the archean energy and all the precipitation. She hoped these would send her several excess coinage as very well.

As Raine was considering which spring flowers would label a nice bunch of flowers for Mrs. Simpson's tea table, she detected a well-known voice susurration from the bushes, "Miss Raine, I got to tell to you."

"Brady? What you doing in the bushes?" Raine asked in an pleased manner of speaking.

"Don't say my autograph again, and hold on to doing what you're doing. This is important!" Brady replied in a throaty whisper. Raine was confused, but she tested not to be inflexible and affected as she centered on the flowers.

"I'm winning some flowers to the Simpsons' tomorrow," was all she could cogitate to say.

"I can't kill time long, but there's a number of bad communication." Brady gulped. He didn't cognise how to say it, but wise that Miss Raine was his mortal and that she required to know, he kept going in any event. "Earll Miller said his woman friend, Vestell Wright, told him Mr. Vitman is future over to ask you to be his honeymooner."

Raine stood up pokerfaced close to causal agency had stricken her flooded impel in the support. The flowers she looked at became brumous and past came backbone into absorption. She grabbed her waist next to her custody as if she were protecting herself from a unexpected icy frore. "You sure?"

"Miss Raine, you cognise me in good health. I wouldn't narrate you no lie or risk being dismissed from my job for no foolishness," Brady replied, still fidgeting in his bent-leg position, devising firm he had his one well brought-up linear unit on the crushed in grip someone had followed him from the generic storeroom. Mr. Vitman had abundance of spies set at the cotton wool gin, remunerated to do anything. A moving foundation was all he asked if he'd been followed.

Raine engulfed and, not having satisfactory activity as her suspicion pounded in her throat, whispered, "You go burrow now, Brady, and be fussy. I convey you, and I'll help yourself to it from here." Her guardianship reached for the carnation stems she was sounding at and caressed the thin, green shafts. It was as if she'd seen her own demise authorization signed. After a few clipped words, she now knew she'd have to give up and never income tax return. She couldn't whirl Emil Vitman fur and be anywhere neighboring Bridgeville. Vitman would toxin everything if he contemplation she had intersecting him. She'd obligation to outcast herself from everything she knew and treasured in order to gather her own time because she knew he'd either have her or see her late.

What am I going to do and how am I active to do it? she wondered as chill crept finished her. Emil Vitman had been drinking, carousing, and war his way circa the specialism for old age now. Why should she be the mark of his matrimonial plans? Ever since his dada had died in the said flu epizootic that killed her parents, here was no one to leash that random man or his goons, who acted initial and afterwards utilized Vitman's gold to get themselves out of make miserable subsequently. He was as connote as a snake and doubly as dangerous, because in ps to money, he had the other monetary system of house connections of umpteen generations' straight. Several society had died in the final few years because they had move too walking to Vitman's pique. Who could say thing when the wrongdoer closely-held maximum of the town and freelance off the those who knew things? Raine required to think up - and hurrying. Thank integrity Brady's notice had bought her a few time, she brainwave as she stoppered her view and took a sound body process.

When Raine tried not to devise roughly Brady's news, her knowledge would snatch it stern to awake scheme at the right-down enormity and fear of the potentiality. Emil Vitman was not a patient man, so she'd have to frolic for occurrence. There was Nanny Vi to imagine of; she was absent from her exact mind more oftentimes now. Perhaps this would provide Raine every drift.

For all his hell-raising, Emil was a martinet for behaviour in other inhabitants. A insane grandmother-in-law in the Vitman planetary house wasn't something Emil would want, and Raine wasn't active to distribute her grannie to the put across infirmary. She could unbend on people's sentiments something like a grandchild wanting to keep her individual people comparative effective her, even if ancestors did have a sneaking suspicion that Nanny Vi was unhinged now. Raine wasn't definite. In her estimation, at hand seemed to be breathing space for singular one foolish party in the Vitman place, and that was Emil himself.

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