If I had a coin for every event a man documented me as "Bitch", I would be typewriting to you from my house in Beverly Hills. I am not abused by this word; in fact, I get it as a decoration of award. A prize of honour which is a characteristic of bullying common by men.

It is not my corporal attributes that frighten men; it is my fearlessness and will. I am a sharp woman, and I stomach on a start of women formerly me, who fought for my true to vote, my right to divorcement my husband, my command to take home a man pay wrongfully if he abuses me. I put up with on this start a self-respectful woman, tantalising some other women to trivet with me, but where on earth are they? There are many knock-down women in concealment and it will prove a snotty day when they realize, they no long have to cast a shadow on.

I deprivation to illustrate what a potent woman is. A strapping female is passionate, ofttimes ununderstood and labelled "too sensitive". A dangerous adult female can cry as all right as cry raucously. She can kicking hard, spell offering a grin to a adolescent. A powerful female does not call for a man to spawn her strong, for she was at this top way earlier "he" of all time came on. These women are savage as lions yet, peaceable as a young mammal.

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A robust female person will not slumber near a man for business increase. She has made her own distance in the international. Strong women have suffered, cried and fought their way through mixed stereotypes to reach the stage of easygoing. They have embraced their femininity, and proved equals to their manly counterparts.

Most men are afraid of women specified as this. This scares maximum men. Some men assume women were placed on the terrestrial planet to tennis stroke and dwell on upon their desires. Strong women will without doubt complete these tasks, as extensive as they acquire the selfsame. These women cognize when to ajar their mouths and when to shut them. They do not extensive for notoriety, renown or the public eye. They do nevertheless protracted for love, equality and assumption.

So ring me "Bitch", call for me "Whore", telephone me a "Lesbian", you can even call me the "C" word, but one point no man will of all time phone call me is lax. No event the calumny or atrocities a man may actuation my way, I will be erect here, long-run after he falls. I am and will continue to be, a rugged female.

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